About NCC

The Norwegian Cultural Centre is helmed by a team of passionate professionals seeking to build a space for inter-cultural collaboration between Norway and Singapore. Through our collective love of visual arts, music, theatre, dance and literature, we aim to foster cultural enrichment for a young and diverse audience in Singapore.

We believe art and culture bring communities together, and we wish to establish and strengthen the cultural ties between Norway and Singapore through exhibitions, performances, workshops and art classes. The Norwegian Culture Centre will do this in collaboration with the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Singapore, Norwegian Business Association Singapore, Singapore Dance Theatre and Resound Collective.

We welcome all who wish to be a part of our community – Singaporeans, Norwegians, and everyone in between.

Our Team

Founder and CEO

Jon Vikan

An entrepreneur in spirit, Jon is an optimistic challenge-seeker determined to turn obstacles into opportunities. Having incorporated several companies over the years, he has gained a reputation of being ethical and trustworthy as he continually puts other people’s needs first. 

Jon holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

International Artistic Director

Sigrid Inderberg

Having an artistic talent, Sigrid has over 14 years of international experience as a professional musician, project leader, and educator in both Asia and Europe. Being a creative flutist with a background in symphony orchestras, folk music, chamber music, and crossover projects, she is also a skilled music pedagogue with extensive experience from international schools.

Sigrid holds a Master’s Degree of Arts from Royal Danish Music Conservatory and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership at LaSalle College of The Arts.

Regional Artistic Director

Jacklyn Kuah

Being an adventurer in constant search of the unknown, Jacklyn is a professional theatre artist who has toured to international festivals in Europe and Asia, both as a performer and director. Her style draws the audience into the journey of the characters’ inner selves while stimulating thought-provoking questions. She is also a Beijing Dance Academy accredited dance teacher, and has been professionally trained by world-renowned theatre masters such as Philippe Gaulier, The Ostrenko Brothers, SITI Company and Anne Bogart, Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy. 

Jacklyn is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership at LaSalle College of The Arts.

Brand and Marketing Director

Valerie Harley

Seeing herself as a problem-solver using art and design as her tool, Valerie founded Willow Creative House, a boutique creative agency based in the Philippines, where she heads the creative direction and production of all projects. As a design pedagogue, she teaches students to enhance their critical thinking in design and application.

Valerie is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership at LaSalle College of The Arts. Concurrently, she is also focused on pursuing her visual artist career as an abstract painter.

Project Coordinator

Olga Vikan

Driven by her enthusiastic spirit, Olga thrives on cultivating talent as her analytical skill set gained from her PhD and extensive experience enables her to see talent before others see it.

Her deep interest in the Asian culture combined with creating structure ensures success in every project that she handles, making her fit in merging Scandinavian and Southeast Asian cultures together.